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Titanium Health Knowledge Starts With Child.
Mar 12, 2018

Titanium health knowledge starts with child.

Many people know that titanium is used for aerospace, aviation, navigation, petroleum and chemical metals, but few people know that titanium is a beneficial metal that is good to human health and it is a metal that is very compatible with human body functions. Due to people's lack of understanding of titanium, titanium has not been able to develop smoothly in the market.


The reason why the titanium market is not going well, the main reasons: one is titanium use first impressions are most lasting, is positioned in the aerospace, aviation, navigation, and other areas of the national defense construction, application of titanium in daily livings market consumer heart health questions; the two is due to the structural differences of titanium, titanium products production technology is relatively difficult to have difference with stainless steel, whether the style design, process technology and cost prices, stainless steel products are "worm" rob the eyeball of titanium products; Thirdly, it is necessary to promote the popularization and health promotion of titanium in the market of civilian life products.Fourth, the development of titanium household products started relatively late. There is no strict scientific industry standard and national standard for the production of titanium products, and the basis for convincing consumers to accept is to be improved.



Faced with the marketing of titanium products, the reporter borrowed a sentence from Deng Xiaoping: “Football must start from the baby.” Titanium health science knowledge popularization propaganda should not be hasty, do not complain too much, do a solid job of their products, The beautiful titanium prospect will surely come. Because the difference between the production research and development of titanium household products and the research and development of stainless steel products has been nearly 100 years, the titanium enterprise has only perfected and improved the production process of titanium products, designed and produced the perfect titanium products, and promoted the excellent metal that titanium has highlighted in the medical field. The characteristics can gradually allow consumers to feel the characteristics in the medical field. The characteristic can gradually allow consumers to feel the advantage of titanium products in comparison with the health of stainless steel, so that it can be divided into more cakes in the tableware market.


Compared with stainless steel cutlery, titanium cutlery began to develop at the end of the last century. It is a matter of the past few years that the market is really facing the market. Compared with the development of stainless steel cutlery for nearly a hundred years, the titanium tableware can only be regarded as a baby who falls from the ground. Therefore, from this perspective, titanium health knowledge should be grasped from the baby. Although the development of material civilization and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle with the development of science and technology, the appearance of stainless steel containing heavy metals has become more and more important. However, people have been accustomed to using stainless steel cutlery for hundreds of years, or even ingrained. It is very difficult for a titanium product that is still in the "baby" period to be over-reacted with the "adult" stainless steel product. Therefore, the popularization of titanium health knowledge will have a promising future from children.






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