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Titanium Bar

We permanently product and export ASTM standard titanium bar and our Chinese Standard (GB) titanium bar, and titanium bar of mutually agreed standard. Being one of the few manufacturers that can realize quality control on the whole production process, we execute strict quality control all the way from the raw material smelting of titanium sponge to the finished products. Having premium quality and impeccable tracking and service, we sell products including medical titanium bar, titanium polishing bar and titanium alloy bar all over the world. We have become one of the biggest supplier and exporters of titanium bar in China. The titanium bars/ rods can be used in aircraft engines and parts, chemical equipment parts(reactors, pipes, heat exchangers and valves, etc.),ship hulls, bridges, medical implants, artificial bones, sporting products and consumer goods.
All titanium bar products in stock are with high quality and cheap price. Welcome to buy or wholesale bulk Titanium Bar ASTM B348,Metal Titanium Bar,Titanium Rod from our factory which is one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China.