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Cold Rolled Platinum Coated Cold Rolling Nickel Titanium Alloy Plates

Titanium sheet and plate are commonly used in manufacturing today, with the most popular grades being 2 and 5. Grade 2 is the commercially pure titanium used in most of the chemical processing plants and is cold formable. Grade 2 plate and sheet can have ultimate tensile strength at and above 40,000 psi. Grade 5 is the aerospace grade and is not cold formable, so it is used more often when no forming is needed. Grade 5 aerospace alloy will have ultimate tensile strength at and above 120,000 psi.

Cold Rolled Platinum Coated Cold Rolling Nickel Titanium Alloy Plates

Product Description

Having strong production capacity, we are capable of supplying all kinds of metal plate and sheet products and machining service of metal plate. We have Chinese standard plate, ASTM standard plate, alloy plate, titanium plate and nickel and nickel alloy plate, which can be applied to various industries. In accordance with the international standard and customer requirement, our sheet are produced by the most advanced equipment. From the source of raw material to melting and forging, our technique procedure is under strict tracking and inspection. We are delighted to have your negotiation and cooperation with us. Titanium sheets & plates are found in a variety of applications such as heat exchangers, various types of corrosive-resistant equipment, textile machinery and sporting equipment.

Product Parameter

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