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Gr1 Tial6v4 Titanium Welded Wire Basket for Bicycle Spokes

Titanium wire is small in diameter and can come on a spool, cut to TIG rod length, or full bar length. These “Ti” wires are commonly used in chemical processing and anodizing, where parts are hung or tied down with wire. “Ti” Wire for TIG welding is cut to 36″ lengths and also available in common welding rod sizes.

Gr1 Tial6v4 Titanium Welded Wire Basket for Bicycle Spokes

Product Description

We supply different industries with various metal wires, covering nickel alloy wire applied to alkaline filter mesh, and titanium wire applied to plating rack. We also have super corrosion resistant alloy wire, Chinese standard wire, ASTM standard wire, etc. Titanium welding can be used in headdress, earrings, industry, sports apparatus, arts and crafts, . The main application domains are as following:

Electric Power Industry

The heating conductor, Aerospace Military Medical Jewelry Telecommunications, Industries Bicycle Spokes, resistance wire, heating element and nickel mesh electrode


The electronic component and vacuum device's alkaline filter mesh.

Welding Industry

The electric heating welding wire

Construction of equipment

The knitted wire mesh and fastener

Product Parameter

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Application Fields

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Payment & Shipping

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